Jackpot - and a rad question.

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I did alot of research on converting my single pipe rads to hot water. And I talked alot with the fitter who I had set up my new boiler and has done conversions. I ended up not doing it because I needed to get heat going, so I put in baseboards to get it done.

Steam systems operate at lower pressure (2-4 psi) so higher pressure water (20-40 psi), plus scouring effects can mean you will have to address alot of leaks and scale frag. Your puttin these in line with your current hot water heat, so this is not an issue if you clean them thoroughly and make sure your sealed up tight. Ask your plumber if he can recommend a screen to filter out chunks of iron scale, I think they exist.

I calculated the heat capability of my radiators with steam and hot water. You can too, the information is online in several places, you want to look for a chart that gives you the EDR of various sizes. You need the height of the radiator, # of sections, and # of columns in each section. This gives you a EDR per section, times the number of sections, times the water temperature = BTU. Sorry I can provide a link to the site I used, got a new laptop. If your home is already heated, these would be just for accent, dont worry about water temp because you'll be overheating that room anyway. Hot water systems can operate at a wide range of temps up to 180F, if you have in-floor radiant its probably turned down to below 100F. But you can add another circuit if you want.

I put a towel warmer in my bathroom, its just a radiator that hangs on the wall. Radiant heat is so nice, and coupling it with hot water is very efficient, expensive to do it all new. I priced cast iron baseboards, they were $40 a foot plus, compared to $7 (coppers gone up) for copper fin tube.

I still have my radiators in the garage, I was going to post here if anyone wants to come and get them. Do a search on New Haven craiglist.

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You also might want to find out if the rads. are single pipe or two pipe. They also must be connected at the top to work for hot water. Some older steam rads. were single pipe and not connected at the top. You may also want the rads on a separate zone as they will run at a lower temp. than fin tube radiation. Otherwise the radiators will heat up and keep giving off heat while the fin tube will cool quicker and call for heat sooner.

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This is slightly off topic, but ... if you're ever in Portland, Oregon, you have to check out the Kennedy School. It was converted from an elementary school to a hotel, restaurant and movie theatre, and it's a great example of adaptive re-use.

http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc ... 20Homepage

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Don't forget to check the bathrooms for marble slabs! I know a lady who salvaged all the stall walls and floors from an old elementary school tear-down in Wisconsin. She has yet to put it to use, but she was so excited by all her marble. I'd love to have a couple of those slabs!

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I have yet to go in the school yet but it seems June will be the time. I am really looking forward to it. Interested in the marble that was mentioned - I forgot all about that!

Also, many thanks for the tips on the rads. I may scrap that idea... but take a few just in case of course! Better with me than in a landfill.

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Even if they arent re-used, rads have some scrap value for recycling.

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