Question ? Difference between a Cooks and Butlers Pantry

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Question ? Difference between a Cooks and Butlers Pantry

Post by CountryGirl »

I have an original pantry off the kitchen but I don't really know if you would call it a cooks or butlers pantry. It has 2 large upper cabinets to the ceiling, red linoleum counter with (lower) 3 large drawers on one side and another cabinet on the other. in front of the window it has just 2 lower large drawers, a large dough board that pulls out and a large flour bin. No sink. It looks all original from the basement below no extra holes for water ect. Thanks for your replys. I just love looking through all the comments here. What a wealth of information and some extraordinary people who are so generous with their knowledge.

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A butler's pantry is built in the passage between kitchen and dining room. A pantry is a dead-end closet fitted out for food storage.

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...and if it has a sink, it's a scullery. :wink:

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From the description I'd probably call it a cook's pantry. A butler's pantry was more about serving food, the storage of china, washing up fragile crystal, etc.
There was the traditional pantry we think of today, a closet for food stores. Sometimes it was a small room, other times just a large cabinet.
There was also another kind of pantry, not just for food storage, dishes would be stored there too, and it would also be equipped with a work table.
From what I've read, it was probably a good space for certain kinds of food preparation, when the cook wanted to get away from the kitchen heat. A nice cool pantry, shut off from the heat of the stove would be a splendid place to prepare dough for breads and pastries.

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Post by CountryGirl »

Thank you for all your input. This is not a butlers pantry but Bookish's last remark about keeping dishes,food and preparing baked goods there seems to fit the bill. I knew that you would all know the correct term.


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A washing-up "pantry" is actually a scullery.

A specialty cooking pantry a stillroom, for making jams, pastries and of course distilling the odd bottle of elderberry wine -strictly for medicinal purposes!

And a room intended for storage of cooking supplies: spices, flour, grains, some cheeses, potted meats, and so on, is the larder.

For plain country houses that might have only had a hired girl, or two, to help out it's most likely that your pantry is more a larder than anything else.

A butler's pantry usually signifies a room (as described above) where the family's fancier dishes, glassware and flatware were washed and stored between meals. It was called a butler's pantry because in well-staffed houses the butler was in charge of the silver and best tableware, while the housekeeper was in charge of the table linens, and the cook ran the kitchen, but didn't get too involved in the service of food above stairs.

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