Front door opening lever

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Re: Front door opening lever

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Holy cow, beautiful ceiling. I'm considering doing something like that in my master bedroom, but wow, I could only dream that it ended up looking that good! :D
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Re: Front door opening lever

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I totally agree that the door operating lever is a piece of character worth restoring if you can (but ONLY for door operation). Good luck!
Jack Willard
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Re: Front door opening lever

Post by lavender_bush »

miffytoki wrote: I agree wholeheartedly.
Along with a pull chain to dump a bucket of water on solicitors! I think we're on to something.
In the UK we call Attorneys and Lawyers 'Solicitors' so I think you are definitely on to something :lol:

I always makes my smile when I see a sign here in the US that says 'No Solicitors' 8)

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Re: Front door opening lever

Post by utopia13 »

That place is so neat! I love all the special little details, the woodwork, the high ceilings! S.F. is such a beautiful place...some of the most colorful architecture & people I've ever seen or met!

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Re: Front door opening lever

Post by lrkrgrrl »

If you make it operational (and I'll guess it was decomissioned due to security reasons), you should track down one of those mirror/prism things that let you peep out a top-floor window to see who is at the door. I want to say Ben Franklin invented them, but I won't give an affirmation on that.

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