Old lath and plaster walls Real soft feeling

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Re: Old lath and plaster walls Real soft feeling

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Fanner wrote:Hope you don't mind a bit of a post-hijack here; Have any of you tried the "Plaster magic"? It almost looks too good to be true. . .
I've used it on a bit of my hall ceiling (just a corner, and there's more to do, but overhead work is so miserable I've been procrastinating on the rest for YEARS). The corner I did feels rock-solid.

Googling to remember "Big Wally's" name (Rory Brennan, a preservation plasterer based in VT, I saw him at the NH old house & barn show last spring), I also came across this review with comments (which include others' experiences):
http://the-house-rules.blogspot.com/200 ... eview.html

Also found this at http://www.myoldhouseonline.com/forum/t ... o-reattach :

Reply by John Leeke on July 2, 2009 at 8:02am
If you have back issues of OHJ, check out my Saving Irreplaceable Plaster article in the Nov.1987 issue. Instead of using the adhesives mentioned in the article use Rory Brennan's Plaster Magic products, they are formulated especially for this method of injected adhesive bonding. But remember, no products are "magic", success is in the method, not the product. Since 1982 I've used a wide range of adhesives for this method and most all of them have worked well.
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Re: Old lath and plaster walls Real soft feeling

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Just as an FYI, Old issues of the Old House Journal can be found in Google Books online.

http://books.google.com/books?id=Pg10Si ... e&q&f=true


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Re: Old lath and plaster walls Real soft feeling

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Has anyone had any success reattaching lathe to brick with these products? We have a portion of our plaster that has detached from the exterior wall, and I'm hoping to not have to replace it. It's in good shape (other than the bulge :? )

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Re: Old lath and plaster walls Real soft feeling

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Nope I'd just cut it out and do it over. But thats just me. I think Big Wally's or what ever is to expensive compared to the price of basecoat and finish plaster about 12-15 dollars a bag.

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Re: Old lath and plaster walls Real soft feeling

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I used the "Plaster Magic" for my first room restoration and was very pleased with the results. I had to modify the instructions slightly (drilled larger holes for product), but otherwise it was an easy...messy...but easy process. It's been almost 9 months with no cracking in ceiling or walls. I highly recommend it.
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