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Re: idea for a builtin for weird vacant space.

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Oh my gosh, I SOOO know what I would do with that spot! I'd spend the money on a beautiful piece of antique stained glass, and hang in that opening. (An old stained glass window still in the frame. I have three of them.) I'd put doors on the front of the existing cabinet, then paint and "shab" the cabinet to go with the stained glass and/or frame. I'd pull out my favorite color of the glass by using some type of cool textile on top of the cabinet to soften the edges a bit.... like a long, nubby ladies scarf, kinda bunched a bit here and there. I'd place a vintage lamp there to light the stained glass, and finish it off with two more vintage accessories relating to whatever is in the cabinet. Vintage sewing items if you store fabric there, or maybe old cameras if you keep dvd's there.

So, that's my 2 cents worth!
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Re: idea for a builtin for weird vacant space.

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If the original house ended at that half wall it seems reasonable that the post could be load bearing. Your calling a structural engineer is an excellent idea & will give you the true answer. Please keep us posted! Don
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