Recognize anything?

Questions and answers relating to houses built in the 1800s and before.

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Recognize anything?

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It's my first post here. Someone from a blog turned me to your website. Thank you for having me.

We bought a house at the beginning of June that was listed as being built in 1900. I have tried to do some research in the local court house and so far I haven't been able to turn up very much. I will get back...I just haven't had the spare time yet.

Anyways...I will post a few pictures of the exterior and interior details and hopefully someone here will lend their opinion on the time frame it could have been built. I have been told 1900, I have been told my mantels are from the 1850's. I have been told 1870's by another source. Of course I know that none of you will know the details on my house...but I am hoping that some of you will recognize certain features and can share when these were typically used.

Thanks! ((please note that these pictures are prior to any work being done and were taken the day we closed on the house))
house 7.jpg
house 7.jpg (112.93 KiB) Viewed 5571 times
house use 2.jpg
house use 2.jpg (95.19 KiB) Viewed 5571 times
house use 1.jpg
house use 1.jpg (77.14 KiB) Viewed 5571 times

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