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Settling Enclosed Porch

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:46 pm
by Sarstan
House build in 1882, 1.5 story. The previous owner at some point decided to enclose the back porch and turn it into a mudroom and laundry room. The porch has sunk a few inches on the one free corner and it's tilting the nearby floor in the house too.
I'm torn how to handle this. I had a company come in and the estimate is just absurd to me (in his words, I can just have it all torn out and build a new garage for what they're going to charge me). I was originally thinking of going into the basement, breaking open the wall that goes under the porch, jack up the floor and either close it all up to expand the basement or make it a crawl space with a pillar. However it looks like there's a slab poured under the porch and goes down about 16" and that's perhaps a foot or two below the floor of the porch, so there's pretty much an enclosed crawlspace under there.
I'm really not sure how to approach this thing. Any suggestions?