Lubricate Sash Pulleys?

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Lubricate Sash Pulleys?

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Hi, I am trying to fix up my old painted shut sash windows and was boiling the paint off the hardware and noticed that after boiling the sash pulleys the wheel kind of seized up a bit, it still turns around but is tough. Wondering if I shouldn’t have boiled the paint off the pulleys? Paint cane off great but now wheel no longer turns freely. Should I use some kind of lubricant or did I ruin them. They say andersen stamped on the back and are heavy probably cast iron.

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Re: Lubricate Sash Pulleys?

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I suspect you just have rust in the wheel bearing area. If you are not able to squirt in a bit of oil (and then work it free until it rolls smooth), you may need to fully immerse the sash pulley in a light oil. That way it can both soak into the bearing area and help protect the metal. Let it drain off fully, wipe it down and work the pulley to easily rotate before reinstalling.

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