Faux Graining - 1840's farmhouse

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Faux Graining - 1840's farmhouse

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Hi All, I think I'm looking for permission here ;)

I have an old Ontario farm house that I assume (based on land registry etc) was built in the 1840's, early 1850's. With a reno done a few decades later. Lots of Greek Revival Interior elements that suggest the earlier build, but also Victorian that suggest the later reno.

Most of the house was intact when we bought it, and the hallways are all faux grain woodwork. Doors, baseboards, trim.

The thing is, I really don't like it. So I'm trying to figure out what the ORIGINAL finish might have been at the time of building. I assume painted, but if so, what colour etc.

Any resources that might point me in the right direction, and has anyone ever dared to remove the faux grain in the name of restoration?

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Re: Faux Graining - 1840's farmhouse

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I bought a 1840s door as a replacement for one that had been removed by a prior owner that had faux graining on one side. A small area had chipped due to wear and I took a putty knife and scraped off the faux graining. The original robin's egg blue paint was 99.5% intact underneath. I'd check a small area to see what lies underneath. I'm guessing the wood was painted prior to the faux graining.
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