1860s Farmhouse Style

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1860s Farmhouse Style

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Hi everyone. Has anyone else ever seen a farmhouse like mine? Based on research I've nailed the house down to being but in the 1860s. I've seen plenty of Ell shaped farmhouses, but non others that have the blown out section in the rear for the kitchen, and none oriented this way in in relation to the road.

I'd like to figure out what the original layout of the house was. The front of the house originally had a door facing the road that has been relocated and the staircase is framed with much newer lumber than the rough cut timbers in the walls and floors leading me to believe it's been moved.

The house was completely gutted and redone by the previous owner 10 years ago so I have no good reason to tear the house apart looking for answers. I do have these pictures though that show the house from 1939, and the basement being dug sometime in the 40s.
Compress_20221214_204227_7671.jpg (482.91 KiB) Viewed 13643 times
Compress_20221214_204228_8489.jpg (465.9 KiB) Viewed 13643 times
Compress_20221214_204225_5875.jpg (467.31 KiB) Viewed 13643 times

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Re: 1860s Farmhouse Style

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Looks like a nice vernacular house. Most of the regulars departed here to https://thehistoricdistrict.org/ because of spam issues several years ago. Stop in over there and tell them I sent you, and gothichouse or Jade or someone will be glad to help out!

Cheers! Chaz
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