ductless mini split air conditioning

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Re: ductless mini split air conditioning

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I purchased my home in 2020, and all there was when I moved in were radiators. No AC, just outlets installed for window units. After some research, I went with the Mitsubishi split units. I had two outdoor units installed and 8 mini splits indoors. It was roughly $24,000 and took about a week to get done.

When I had my inspection before purchase, the radiators worked(boiler was 87yr old Montgomery Ward.. Of course when I needed them, the engine pump seized, and no heat. The split units are also heat BUT in my research, I did not realize they don’t work much under 25 degrees. So, it was a very cold winter. Make sure you have a back up heat as well! A new boiler system was priced at $30,000 and I just can’t afford it.

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