Buying a 1908 house

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Re: Buying a 1908 house

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sooth wrote:.

As for a small island instead of a peninsula, that's pretty much what I'm thinking of doing in my kitchen. But I want something that looks more like an old piece of furniture with drawers/storage.
I found a metal cabinet with a formica top at Habitat Re-Store for $20! I was going to use it as a work bench/tool storage in my shed. Before I could move it out there, canning season started, and I needed more work space. I "temporarily" put the cabinet smack dab in the middle of my kitchen. Instant island.

Right now it's kind of ratty looking, but I have already envisioned plans of removing the top and putting in a for-real butcher block top. I think I will either cover the sides with beadboard or paint them. It has two nice drawers on glides, plus a 2 door storage cabinet below. It really has been a perfect fit for my kitchen. All by accident!

My great-grandmother had a biscuit table in here. My parents have it and I want it so bad! It really belongs back in here! It's solid wood, beautiful turned legs, and the perfect height for a short woman to roll out biscuits.
My great-grandparents' 1913 farmhouse

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Re: Buying a 1908 house

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I'm a little late to the party but I've enjoyed all the posts so far. I love Foursquares. You have four domers, it looks like. That will make nice space and light up in the attic. For our kitchen, we did two different colors of cabinets. The uppers are yellow and the lowers, brown. Looks nicer than it sounds.

I've been to downtown St. Charles and it's a sweet place.
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Re: Buying a 1908 house

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PowerMuffin wrote:Yep, I love this idea too. Keep your good pieces and add to it. Have you seen David Smith's kitchens? I love his mismatched style. This is what I am going for.
I had not seen those before - thanks, those are excellent inspiration!
Kansas. 1911. wrote:You have four domers, it looks like. That will make nice space and light up in the attic.
The attic is one of our favorite parts of the house. It is finished as one enormous room, about 475 sqft, with the 4 dormers bringing in loads of light, as you say. Also, the house sits at the crest of a hill, and with that plus being up on the third floor there are some pretty cool views from some of the attic windows; to the north, beyond the treetops you can see part of a bridge that crosses the Missouri River several miles away (Discovery Bridge, Hwy 370, for those familiar), and from another we have a great view of the beautiful old church that is a block from the house. The ceiling's vaulted with a few exposed beams. I think the PO somehow got a pool table up there, because we found a pool cue there. For us it will be a play room and poker room, with a wet bar eventually.

Posted this earlier in the thread but this is currently my only photo taken in the attic:
The Edward A. Ohlms House, c. 1908
Historic Old Town, St. Charles, Missouri

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