Need help with Waterlox

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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by chadzeilenga »

Now that we have the floors done we are planning the process of repainting and cleaning up each of the rooms but need some advice. We used waterlox on all of the floors, but are unsure about what to use on the trim. I'm thinking of taking down the trim and refinishing it, most of it is unpainted. Should I just use the waterlox on the trim too so that it matches the floors or should I use Shellac which is correct for the house and perhaps easier to maintain since it isn't a wear item like the floors? I think most of the trim already has shellac on it now, so it would be easy to remove and clean up. What is the best way to remove the trim without damaging it? I was thinking of using waterlox on the 1/4 round on the floor and shellac on the baseboards since the 1/4 round will most likely get waterlox on it when I recoat. Take a look at a few pics of the trim in the house.
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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by Sombreuil_Mongrel »

I heartily endorse shellac for trim. Waterlox is thin. That makes it fine for horizontals, but verticals it would tend to drip. It is also slow to dry; in the time it takes to do 3 coats of WLX, you could do ten or more coats of shellac. Shellac will be dust free a lot sooner than the WLX. I think a very nice finish could be a first coat of oil, to bring out the grain, then shellac.

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storing waterlox

Post by saaraah »

i just finished putting on the 4th coat of waterlox on my pine floors..your floors look amazing, btw.

now im wondering how to properly store the unused portions because im worried about it oxidizing.

any suggestions? thanks!

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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by ChrisF »

I buy bags of marbles at the dollar store, then drop them in the container until the Waterlox is at the very top of the rim. Then put the cap on, and you're done. Depending on how much you have left, you may want to move the remainder to a smaller container...canning jars work great for this.

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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by Sombreuil_Mongrel »

You can buy a product called "Bloxygen" to preserve the waterlox (or any oil-based finish) in the can. It is an inert gas that you spray into the partially-filled container to displace the oxygen.

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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by philsvintageradios »

I would just trim around the woodwork with a knife to make sure that when you remove you don't pull a nearby sheet of paint or wallpaper orr, then get under it with a small flat pry bar and take your time , pulling under the nails and moving end to end, if it cracks badly , pull the pieces right apart and glue and clamp them being careful to line them up exactly as they were. if nails pull right through , filler will fix that.

I did my floors with an oil based urathane, I don't know how similar waterlox is. I did the trim with the same felt pad technique as the floors while they were off and I could turn them flat. I just made a small pad with a bit of teritowel wrapped around a piece of lath and linen over that and it went on much nicer than a brush. I made the baseboards up though, and mine are flat.

the other tip that helped me is that I learned that I could use a bit off solvent on a piece of wet or dry paper to sand out any imperfections that bugged me , I found I couldn't sand with dry paper because it hadn't fully cured.. it would just ball up on the paper. To my surprise, the solvant didn't dissolve or harm the coating at all, even though the same solvent works as a thinner when the stuff is in a liquid state -the next day, it woun't affect it. I don't know if this is the same for waterlox. I guess it is because the finish catylizes , other finishes don't work quite that way.

I did tung oil first, then the finish and that worked very well for me. it soaks into the wood and hardens under the surface,then the finish acts like a shell over that. one thing I relly liked about this was that if I hit a spot where there was some glue or something, or if the filler color didn't match after the oil was applied I had time to fix it, and the wood wasn't as delicate with some sort of finish on it.

places I got caught were..
the rollers on the edger were too hard and left marks on the soft wood which showed in some spots. This showed up with the application of oil, but I still never got them all out. next time I will put rubber bands or something around the rollers to protect the soft floor.
I did my first coat on a warm summer day and it got warmer and I had really wished I added more thinner when I got about halfway across the floor and it started to stiffen up. by then it was too late to stop and thin the stuff more, and I had to go with it, I fixed it with a scraper and the sandpaper as above, but I did have some "waves" because it was to thick
hindsight taught me that if it goes on too thin , you might need another coat, but so what.. wheras, if it is too thick this is what happens. All in all I was very happy with it in the end. and I have a better idea as I go to do other rooms.


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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by saaraah »

thanks for the suggestion.. i got some new rocks to put in the can. im happy that the waterlox wont be gelling.

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Re: Need help with Waterlox

Post by rncx »

i agree with casey on the trim. if you were putting up the trim after taking it down and pre-finishing it while laying flat it would be ok, but i don't think it would work well on vertical surfaces.

and you can use waterlox over or under shellac as well, they stick to each other just fine. one coat or two of waterlox for a sealer and then shellac over that leaves a pretty distinct and very nice looking grain.

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