A few house pics

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Re: A few house pics

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I looked it up on the internet, and you're right...it's this weekend. The funny thing...once I saw the name of Larry's Old Time Trade Days, I realized it was the old antique mall and flea market that used to be located about 2 blocks from my house! It had been there for many years and they kept adding on to the buildings, but the structurs were very run down. I think the floor once collapsed while they had customers there! They closed and changed locations when they couldn't get zoning variances to enlarge their facilities. I haven't done this kind of shopping and poking around in a long time. I think I'll try to get out there this weekend. Thanks for the heads-up on it. Jill
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Re: A few house pics

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Byugal, it's been very therapeutic reading through your posts... :D

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Re: A few house pics

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Love your house...brings back memories of how our house renovation started back in 2004....<S>

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