Slab Insect/Pest Problem

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Slab Insect/Pest Problem

Post by brainyass »

My house was built in 1990. It has a poured slab foundation that is surrounded by cement blocks with styrofoam between the slab and blocks. The load bearing walls are built on the blocks instead of the poured slab. My problem is mice/shrews tunneled up through the styrofoam insullation between the blocks and slab to gain access to the inside of my kitchen. I solved this problem last year by replacing my flooring with ceramic tiles butted up to the wall under my cabinets that I replaced. Now ants are coming out of my outside wall on the other side of my kitchen. I removed the cabinets and some of the dry wall next to the floor and saw the same problem. It was a hole burrowed up through the styrofoam that the ants were using to swarm into my kitchen. I doused the area with Raid to kill the ants and plan to tile up under this cabinet to seal the hole. I want to know if there is a better fix for this and if this construction is standard practice or just shoddy construction?

When I did some other work I noticed there is no plywood sheeting covering my house. The construction from the outside to the inside of my house is : vinyl siding, rigid foam insulation, wall studs/rolled insulation, vapor barrier and then drywall. So you can basically cut your way into my house with a box cutter. Is this standard practice also? I live in Hampton, VA.

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Re: Slab Insect/Pest Problem

Post by jeromecorey »

i would suggest you to contact any professional pest control company. then ask them to inspect your house. they can give you the best advice. you need to fix these problems otherwise this could become hectic for you in near future. all the best mate

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Re: Slab Insect/Pest Problem

Post by JanisHolliday »

Thank you for the suggestion!

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Re: Slab Insect/Pest Problem

Post by Delrusso1 »

Quite informative post on pest problem. Recently, I hired a famous pest management service for bed bug problems. They helped me out in resolving this issue and also gave tips on how to treat bed bug bites. Very happy to get such expert services.

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Re: Slab Insect/Pest Problem

Post by nathanhampton »

Mice infestation is caused in houses where you have them in large number. Nobody wants mice at home and everyone wants a good house to live in. If you want a good house that is free from mice infestation, you must take some precautionary measures. Eliminating mice infestation in your home is a serious business as this already involves lives. One can check some Professional Pest Controller like Pest Control Branford CT for help. A mouse could be harmful to anybody's life. It wouldn't matter whether you're young or old, as long as you will get infected with a mouse, it would surely be a big problem.

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Re: Slab Insect/Pest Problem

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If the pest problem is big then you go for professional pest control services but it's little you can use natural treatment for protection.

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Re: Slab Insect/Pest Problem

Post by NicolasT »

Recently I spotted a mouse on the balcony of my flat and desperately started to google for advice. Here I found a simple solution - lured it into a mice trap with glue. Of course! But it was not a cartoony method with cheese, I've tried various stuff like sausages and plant seeds, but surprisingly the mice turned out to be a sweet tooth. The KitKat bar was it's last meal. I'm still afraid that there is more of it, but haven't seen any since that day.

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