Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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Hi, I just stumbled onto this site and I think it's what I've been looking for! I inherited my grandparent's house last year, it was built in 1937. It has a lot of deferred maintenance so I'm not quite sure how much can be renovated vs. just remodeled. Right now I'm in the planning & budgeting stage. I know I have termites, both dry wood & subterranean. So far, I've had 5 different pest control companies come out and give me estimates; boy have their opinions & estimates varied!

One of the inspectors recommended that I treat for the subterranean termites now, but do the tenting for the dry wood termites after the renovations. His explanation was that new wood can also have termites which would just cause a new infestation. That makes sense when you think about it, thinking about it further I thought why would I want to fumigate wood that is going to have be removed. For example, the front stairs have some of the worst damage & will probably have to be completely rebuilt. But if this is such a wonderful idea then how come none of the other inspectors mentioned it?

Due to the amount of deferred maintenance (the house is on a hill overlooking San Diego Bay so dry rot is also MAJOR ISSUE) this is going to be an expensive labor of love so I want to do it right. I'm fairly handy (and have a lot of common sense) but I'm no carpenter so any and all advise will be very appreciated! Thanks, Rachael.
in my opinion you must go with any reputed pest control company. In order to identify a subterranean termite infestation, pest control professionals perform inspections and may employ monitoring stations. These are placed within soil with suspected infestations. After highly active areas are located, bait stations replace monitoring stations.

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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roma1625 wrote:I don't know how long your renovation/remodeling is going to take, but there is no way I would wait to treat for termites. Think of it this way - they're slowing eating your house. The longer you wait, the more they will eat and could possibly cause best pest control services As far as new wood, I always use pressure treated lumber for any additions. Sure, it costs more, but it gives you peace of mind. I don't think termites in new lumber is common. Certainly, one can look and see if there are.

Hello roma1625,
I was out in the bush across the road from me yesterday collecting the last of the dry season nesting grasses and harvesting some fresh seedheads and I notices a few termite mounds! The temptation is getting to me and I think Id like to try storing termites to give to my waxbills. What is the best way to harvest and store so I dont risk getting them around my house. Pictures and advice would be great! I have a day off today so I can do some DIY stuff :)

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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Yes indeed this is good idea to treat termites before Renovations because termites treatment scattered everything and you need to move all furniture.
Last year I got this service from They help me in moving households.

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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Hello everyone...
I want to renovate my house..., but before the renovation, I want to remove all the termites and pest from my house and want that it will free from both of these problems after renovation.., so please suggest me best treatment for it...?

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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There are many products in the market which help us for removing termites. You can search them online.

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Re: Treating for Termites before Renovations?

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I am newly shifted in Sydney but in my house, there is a termite attack everywhere and I am doing all the treatment for that but still, it's not finished I am in trouble so, please help me and give me better pest control service provider.

Thanks in advance

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