No "subfloor" only red pine? *QUESTIONS*

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No "subfloor" only red pine? *QUESTIONS*

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Hey all,

I recently purchased a home, it was built in 1940. The floors were terrible, compound, dings, old heat vents etc. I had them sanded and all the old heating holes repaired with red pine, dings filled in and i used pine I found to match. After stain and poly they came out absolutely terrible, I actually couldn't believe I paid someone to do this. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Completely upset I thought to put down a hardwood floor myself, however the only existing wood on top of the joists is the red pine, there is no "subfloor" beneath the pine, the pine is the subfloor. It is not rotting and it is pretty sturdy it is just a complete eyesore and being the living room and master bedroom i want it to be as nice as possible.

Can i simply install hardwood on top of this pine? Will it be safe? is there any specific preparation i need to do? Do i need to put down a 1/2" plywood? or any reccomendations on that? Thank you any advice is appreciated i need to ge this done within 2 weeks.

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Re: No "subfloor" only red pine? *QUESTIONS*

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It was common for some houses to only have the finished floor and not a sub-floor and the finish floor. You should be able to install new HW floors over the old pine floor make the pine floor as the sub-floor. I'd probably put some vapor barrier or something similar down between the two floors to minimize drafts.

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Re: No "subfloor" only red pine? *QUESTIONS*

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It was very common to put building felt or red rosin paper between the subfloor and finished floor. It helps minimize drafts and squeaks.

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