New member-Craftsman in Santa Cruz Mtns with doorknob qs

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New member-Craftsman in Santa Cruz Mtns with doorknob qs

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My name is TJ and my family and I own a Craftsman inspired home in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California. Like many mountain homes, the structure has been modified several times from its original footprint and design (which was not craftsman by the way). The previous owners built the new portion of the home in the early 80s, using the Gamble House in Pasadena for inspiration.

It's a lovely home in a beautiful setting, perched near the top of the mountain at 1900 feet in elevation. We have views of the Monterey Bay all the way south to Point Lobos.

Like any old home in the mountains it's in need of constant maintenance, which I'm happy to do. I love to fix, restore, and preserve old things, and I love well made things that are worth investing in.

The previous owners used some very nice door hardware when they built the home. The door knobs themselves are substantial and made from solid brass. Unfortunately, their design is a bit compromised which has resulted in some of them in need of repair, new parts, or replacement. Their design is such that the knob itself screws on to a tapered square threaded shaft which actuates the latch bolt. The knob is held in place by 2 set screws which are threaded through the side of the doorknob at 90 degrees apart. Unfortunately, over the years, those set screws have come loose and have either been replaced with the wrong screw, or not at all, which has resulted in damage either to the knob itself or the shaft.

The previous owner told me they were purchased at a specialty hardware store in Palo Alto over 25 years ago. "Broadway Portugal" is stamped on the back of them and after some research I believe that the brand was purchased by Cifial. I've not been able to find any sources for these knobs or repair parts and am wondering if anyone here may know about, or have any information to share regarding these beautiful pieces of hardware.

-tj in the Cruz Mtns
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