Beadboard Ceiling in living room

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Beadboard Ceiling in living room

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Hello all. I just bough a 1931 house, it's a bit quirky, but call it Florida vernacular. Anyway, the drywall seems were cracking in the living room, so I pulled a piece down to look and the entire ceiling is old tongue in groove beadboard. So I would like to restore it. Any tips for the best way? Should I pull each piece down and scrape and sand it, or leave it in place and use that goopy paint remover? Most of it looks to be in decent shape, with a few rough patches that should be replaced. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Beadboard Ceiling in living room

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I think it's up to you if you want to invest the time and effort to restore the ceiling. I discovered some bead board in the ceiling in one of my rooms and I decided to restore it. I'm very happy I did. That being said working on the ceiling is tough. If it was me, I'd repair the bad spots and repaint. Stripping bead board ceilings is the worst of the worst.


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