Need some advice before we put in an offer.

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Need some advice before we put in an offer.

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My wife and I are expecting a 3rd child in Late Janurary 2018 and have a window to possibly sell our current home and move into a larger house. We are usually looking once a month and came across this listing for a home that is over 2 and 1/2 times the size of our current home, in decent shape, and priced pretty well.

However I'm curious if anything about a 1951 home like this should worry us? Couple notes:

I checked and it appears the whole house has been rewired with 3 wire electrical, new breakers boxes, three prong outlets, the works.
The small partial basement has a de-humidifier and a sump pump, as well as a water line about 3 inches up the wall that shows it either has flooded or is prone to flooding.
There are already multiple screw jacks and replacement and re-inforced joints in the basement that have been used to level out and lift up the home.

The house itself is beautiful, it was owned by a church and rarely used by anyone but travelling preachers, so it's been well kept, no damage to floors, etc.

Are we crazy to try and grab this, am I setting myself up for a home that will turn into a money pit, or will this be a solid investment with tons of space for our growing family (Currently 5 and 7 year old boys with baby on way)? I'm fairly handy, can do minor plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.

here is link to property ... 4587-75139

Thanks for any feedback or thoughts!

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Re: Need some advice before we put in an offer.

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Have you had the house inspected by a licensed home inspector?

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