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I am adding 2 rooms to an unfinished attic in a brick cottage built in 1947. I have a question regarding a structural detail that was not included in my structural plans. My issue is that I'm supposed to remove some 2x6 joists from my living room ceiling, so that I can run 4x8 beams perpendicular to the direction of the existing joists. The existing joists were run along a 16.5 ft span, so I need to take them out and run beams across the shorter 12.5 ft span. The ends of the existing 2x6 joists that extend over the inside wood frame and outside brick walls are notched at the top where a 2x8 plate was installed, and that plate supports the ends of the roof rafters. (See attached photo) My question is, can I safely cut those 2x6 rafters and just leave the part that supports the 2x8 plate and roof rafters? If anyone is familiar with this type of framing (circa 1947), please let me know what you think. Thank you!

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