Need some ideas for laundry room/library

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Need some ideas for laundry room/library

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I am looking for ideas that we can do to two small spaces. We are adding onto our 1946 Cape that my wife's grandparents built and will be putting in a new kitchen (doubling the size of the existing kitchen, but trying to keep it period-correct). Thus, the existing kitchen and dining room are going out. The kitchen is in an L-shaped room that measures about 10 feet by 10 feet, and the dining room is a square that is about the same size as the kitchen.

We have decided to make the existing kitchen a laundry room and the existing dining room a small library, as we are both high school English teachers (we also were just given 613 leather-bound books that date between 1726 and 1934 -- for free -- from her cousin, who said "my grandfather collected these and we don't read. Want them?"). We envision built-in bookshelves and two comfy chairs, and the walls painted a dark reddish color. There is a window in there now that I would someday like to sub out for something that would match the interior better (it's just a regular white window, nothing special, not original to the house).

We are struggling with trying to figure out how to seamlessly have the new laundry room be in between this library and an addition that was put on in the 60s, the living room with cathedral ceilings. We would prefer not to have it look like a laundry room, per se, but we also want to try to keep it looking like this house is from 1946 and not 2017, if that makes any sense. The seemingly hundreds of photos we've seen online would make this room look too "new," or the L shape would not fit ours. So I am reaching to see if anyone has any ideas on how we can best use this space as well as any library ideas. We would be gutting the existing kitchen but would prefer to keep the sink where it is. I've included some pictures below.

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