Fire alarms

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Fire alarms

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Most of us might've seen fire sprinklers in buildings and in offices. But how many of you have seen sprinklers at home? Probably less than 35% I guess. This gives rise to a question ... Are sprinklers necessary for a house? The answer to this question is Yes! Sprinklers are necessary for the house. It is because fire sprinklers are one of the most important elements of home fire safety. Although smoke and heat based alarms can alert the homeowners the presence of fire or smoke, they are not designed to extinguish the fires directly. It can prevent the death and damages caused by fire.
It is more useful for the homeowners, those who have small children, an elderly individual or a person whose mobility is limited are of an increased benefit.

Studies show that most of the fire deaths in our homes occur mostly at night. No one can ignore how serious this problem is. In such cases, sprinklers reduce the risk of damage. It can extinguish the fire and protect your surrounding rooms from fire, heat and smoke damage.

Fire alarm security systems have become a necessity for every home. Most of the old houses might not be having fire alarms and extinguishers. So try to install such alarms so that you can be alerted before the fire damages the whole property. I hope this post will create an awareness among each one of you.

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Re: Fire alarms

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Re: Fire alarms

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Okay, this was posted as spam, but I think that sprinklers can serve a purpose... if the room they're set in is prepared for it. If you have sprinklers going off in a place with lots of electric appliances, inlets, etc, you're in for a very bad time. Better watch for it if you are to install these things in your house, and make sure they aren't set off by random things ; some fire alarms I had were often triggered by things such as cooking fumes, and you don't really want to get soaked if you're cooking, especially if you're frying something: the water+hot oil reaction is fun to be around.

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