What substance to use to patch a hold in my basement parging

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What substance to use to patch a hold in my basement parging

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Question: What to use to patch a hole in a parged basement wall?

Background: I repaired a drainage issue on the exterior of my home built in 1920 that was causing my basement to flood. The water had been getting in the basement through a hole that developed through the parging under the stairs. Since the exterior fix, relatively very little water gets through anymore, so I think it's time to patch the hole in the parging. I showed a pic of the wall to a guy at Home Depot, assuming he would know the right stuff for me to get just by looking at it. He recommended this stuff that's for patching concrete basement walls, but I was skeptical because upon looking at the pic of my basement I showed him, he admitted he didn't know what the surface was, which I identified later as "parging".

I've attached a pic of the parging. This doesn't show the hole, as it's too dark under the stairs to get a good pic. I only provide this because I'm wholly ignorant about parging and I don't know if there are different types of it. So I figured it would be a good idea to supply the pic in case it's relevant to answering the question.

I had a company that seals basements give me an estimate for re-sealing the wall under the stairs and they quoted $950. So I thought I'd see about doing it myself. It's a pretty small area. But I don't know what is appropriate to use for patching and I'm not convinced the guy at Home Depot recommended the right stuff.


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