Moist window trim

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Moist window trim

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I just got a house from 1968 and I am not very experienced, but I ran into a strange situation.
The lower left corner of a window showed signs of dry rot on the trim, therefore I started removing the part that was crumbling all the way up until I found solid wood.
I scraped the paint and the compound/spackle of the drywall metal corner, since it was quite rusty and put some metal primer to get ready for the respackling.

To my surprise, when I went to finish the job after a few days, I realized that the wood trim was still wet, so much that I could squeeze water out of it, so I tried removing more, going up but it seems that it is wet all the way.
The drywall, apart from the lowest part where there was the most rot, seems to be solid.

I am now perplexed, since there are no signs of water leaks from the outside (caulking is in good shape) nor from the inside and I cannot figure out where the moisture comes from.

Could it be because of condensation? Outside it's very hot and I am using the air conditioning quite a lot.

And how should I proceed to solve the problem, for example, things to check first before I start removing everything etc.)

Thank you,
window inside corner
window inside corner
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