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Can I have some help comparing boiler replacement proposals?

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:38 pm
by SoundoftheSuburbs
The time has long come and gone to replace the 60-year-old boiler in my home. I am down to two out of eight proposals and need some additional help deciphering what makes each superior. Your advice is infinitely appreciated!

There are a few things that stand out to me. One is that the least expensive proposal (see #1) (one I am considering) is a smaller boiler, 140k BTU input Burnham boiler (X2-205). The competing proposal (see #2) is for a 175k BTU input Peerless boiler (MI-06). All of the other proposals given to me have been 175k BTU input boilers; the 140k is the outlier. I am going to ask this contractor why he used that in his quote. Another thing that stands out to me is that the less expensive quote also seems to omit a new expansion tank. From my perspective, this is ok, since my expansion tank is less than 10 years old. However, I spoke to one contractor who told me that it should nonetheless be replaced, and most of the other estimators included its replacement in their proposals. Obviously, I am not a professional. Lastly, the estimator from #2 and I spoke about the installation of a new isolation valve on the supply line to make servicing more efficient and easier. I don't see that listed in #1, and it is not something we discussed.

Again, I appreciate any and all advice!

Proposal #1:

Proposal #2: