Stone foundation walls

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Stone foundation walls

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Hello everyone,

I own a 1915 brick home with a very solid stone foundation. Unfortunately back in the 80s, the basement was converted into a school and the stone walls with lime mortar joints had a skim coat of a Portland whitewash. I’m sure it looked nice but now it doesn’t. It’s constantly flaking off at sections. I’ve tried to remove it in sections but honestly I don’t have the patience or time for it. I know lime anything should be used on just about anything stone and I was wondering would it be safe to buy a pre mixed lime mortar (no cement at all) and parge the wall and make it more uniform? I know lime is breathable so I was hoping it wouldn’t trap moisture like the cement has done.

It would brighten the basement and stop a lot of the dirt. Most of the Portland is intact except for a few places and I did not want to cause any more damage then to a few areas of spalling I’ve encountered.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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