Balloon framed home with brick veneer room addition on second story

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Balloon framed home with brick veneer room addition on second story

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hello everyone!!!

First time poster here. I'v searched everywhere for the question I'm about to ask and cannot find anything. I may be wording my search wrong but who knows. So my home is a 2 story balloon frame with full brick exterior. On the back side of the house the first floor extends approximately 10" further than the second story does entirely across the length of the house. The first story extension has a hip roof that butts up the the brick on the second story. We are planning a second story room addition that will be about 10x12 feet. The north and west wall of the addition will basically sit on the framing of the first story. The south wall of the addition will sit on a 2 ply LVL. My question is this....on the north and west wall for the room addition, how do I get the new siding flush with the existing brick on the first story. Brick is about 3-5/8" plus a 1" air gap and then the studs. My wood siding will fasten to the sheathing that is fastened to the studs. If I want the exterior of the walls flush how do I make that happen? I hope that makes sense. Also, if anybody has any other bits of information you think might be useful about balloon frame remodeling please let me know. See attached pictures for reference.

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