1940s house remodel

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1940s house remodel

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I got my great-grandparents house built in 1940. The catch is that some pretty sketchy people lived in it. So i'm left with not only old house problems (bad electric, no insulation) but I also have to repair the issues they've caused. It has old lathe and plaster. It basically needs everything done to it. The few contractors I've had give me quotes have said the only reason the house is still standing is because of its good construction with unfinished lumber. I'm writing in to ask about first steps and anything I should look out for. I love the house, but I'm working on a very limited budget. I want to keep as much as the old charm as possible, so any tips (as in don't destroy this, look for this cool detail) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much for your time! I attached some photos. I'm very embarrassed about the condition of the house, but I'll be putting however much time is needed to get her up and running again.
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Re: 1940s house remodel

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Were those caused by the people who lived there? They really did some work on the place. With a house that old, you're really bound to spend a lot on remodeling and all the other problems that come with it. Maybe you could do some DIY work if you have experience to save on the cost, but I'd recommend going with the essentials first and then scheduling the other things later.

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