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Rebuilding/Restoring Window Sashes. Need help making sense of it all.

Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2021 1:42 pm
by NBraun
Hi all,

We live in a 1919 craftsmen style house. We're the third owners, and luckily the house is fairly unchanged from when it was built, for the most part anyways.

Most of the windows in the house need some sort of maintenance or repair. I hope to go through them all and restore them, or rebuild them. I for the most part understand how to build the new sash. I have all the tools to do it, and have built one (though not very good). I was using Fir lumber, and was unimpressed with how it mills up. I believe most of the sashes were built with pine, which id love to use, however I certainly cant find any tight grain pine around anymore.

So first question, is there a Specific wood we can find in the modern day that I should be using?

Next thing,

All of the trim and sashes we're stained or shellacked on the interior, and painted on the exterior. I'd like to keep this finish as well. But I start to look at what I need to do and get overwhelmed with all of the finish options that people seem to prefer. Is there a standard procedure that I can follow for the finish that will get me good results?


I've attached some photos of the interior of the house to show the color of the trim currently.