Kitchen Cabinet paint

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Kitchen Cabinet paint

Post by HauntedWriter »

I’m looking to repaint my stained kitchen cabinets. I need advice on how to do this the most economically. I’m looking to use DecoArt for the solid wood cabinet doors and countertop trim because the paint is thick and covers well. I’m uncertain what kind of paint to use for the fake wood laminate. DecoArt paints are pricey, and if I can, I would like to use a different brand of paint for the larger areas. By doing so, it would cut the cost considerably.

There are also inserts in the doors that are a weaved pattern. I was thinking of turning them around to the flat wood backing and paint the flat side. What would be the easiest way to remove the inserts, which are wood glued in place, without damaging them? Thanks.

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Re: Kitchen Cabinet paint

Post by JimmyChoo »

You can paint by yourself, but it’s a very labor-intensive process. Better contact the professionals, maybe they will give you advice. In any case, they will list the cost of new cabinets and you decide whether to remake them yourself or order new ones.

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Re: Kitchen Cabinet paint

Post by DevinManning »

I would actually use Cabinet coat urethane finish over Sw Emerald urethane. Tougher finish and if going white has better color retention.

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