Acid stain

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Acid stain

Post by gaboylan »

Has anybody heard about acid staining your concrete in the house? I have seen pictures on web sites and it looks beautiful. It is also economical. Does anybody know of any negatives?


Post by Amanda »

I have seen lots of acid stained floors in converted industrial lofts, in Atlanta, they can be absolutely gorgeous! and they make the floor feel like silk in some cases. I have not heard of any detriments to doing this, unless you simply don't like the result!

This is a link for a local company that does thiis type of work , but they have some great pictures !


Post by kywill »

I acid stained the concrete hearth of my fireplace last week.
Looks great, wasn't very difficult to get a good looking product.
It's hard so if you have small children prone to falling that could be a negative. It's also cold in winter.

cheers, kywill

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Acid stain

Post by majederr »

What brand did you use and where are you located? I was interested in this sevreal years back and desparately tried to get someone in the area who knew more about it. The brand we were looking at was Kemicko (sp) and it seems that shipping this product was going to be difficult. Plus I wanted to see some real life samples of the colors, not just photos, which seems to be impossible to get from anyone. Joanne
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Post by Guest »

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Post by jenjobart »

I'm considering staining the bricks on my fireplace. kywill, I'm interested to hear how you applied the stain. Did you use a paint gun as suggested? It just seems like that could be a messy process. I was considering sponging instead.

Thanks for the links, by the way. They were really helpful.

Jennifer (in Northern CA)

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Re: Acid stain

Post by ceviga »

do you guys do this kind of thing? i know it is getting big in Florida, and it is huge in the high-end houses here in az. I am thinking about funding a business that does that, if you guys know anything about the stuff it would help. thanks

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Re: Acid stain

Post by ceviga »

So I've got a customer that wants me to acid stain the floor in a 14x19 room in a basement. I've talked to the guys at my local shop and they gave me a step by step that seemed just a little too easy. If there is anyone out there that could give me a pointer or two on the process I would greatly appriciate it. Oh yeah the customer one of my wife's friends so If I botch this I'll be hearing about it for ever.

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