upgrading electrical in 1900 house

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Re: upgrading electrical in 1900 house

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My small (1,100 sq. ft.) 1950's house was completely rewired about four years ago at a cost of $4500 for a 200 amp service, a new meter and mast outside, all new wiring and addition of about 10 or 12 new outlets. I HAD to do this first because of safety issues. The P.O.'s (previous owners) had put 30 amp fuses into a box designed for 15 amp fuses, heating up the box and wires. This heat causes the insulation on the wires to dry out, crack and fall off, leaving exposed bare wire inside the walls. If you have a fuse box, check to make sure that the fuses are the correct size.

The cost was a little overwhelming but it is nothing compared to risking the chance of a fire in an old house. The pluses are peace of mind, a lot more outlets, outdoor outlets for plugging in electric tools outdoors and a wired-in smoke detector. My electrician did not have to cut a single hole in the plaster except for new outlets and the new box. It was a tough job and took about a week, but it was well worth it.

Get at least three estimates before you proceed and don't pay in full until the job is done to your satisfaction. Good luck!



Re: upgrading electrical in 1900 house

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I recently installed my own system for about $300. It was a snap because we were gutting the whole house ayway so the walls were open and that made things very easy. In some walls that i did not remove i just snaked the wire down the wall myself and replaced the old outlet boxes with new ones in the same spot. If you are handy with fixing some small holes in the plaster you should be able to handle it yourself. The load center was the easy part. I was able to use my existing meter because it was one of hte early 200 amp systems and the wire was 4 gauge copper. I had a friend who is a electrician look over all the work to make sure it was done right and we put hte meter back in and now i have all new wiring.

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Re: upgrading electrical in 1900 house

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When remodeling my bathroom, I learned that I needed to hire an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel. Last time I was trying to do it myself but ended up being screwed and burned hand.

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Re: upgrading electrical in 1900 house

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If you want to get upgraded electricity in your house, Then you should concern with any expert. You must get best electrician.

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