How to match base moldings to door jams?

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How to match base moldings to door jams?

Post by ammarie »

My 1939 house has door frames that are flush with the walls. Since all the original base moldings are long gone, I am not sure how to match up the new base molding to the door frame? Image

I’m trying to avoid the PO’s look, where the molding sticks out from the wall at the door frame… :? Image

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Post by Bryan »


If I understand yor question right, I think the easiest way to join the base molding to the door molding would be to make and angle cut, say 45 degrees. That way the base molding will slant down into the door molding instead of sticking out like it does now.

Another option is to make what is called a return. This is two miter cuts that will "wrap" the design of the molding around the end. It is a lot more difficult than an angle cut when it comes to measuring and doing it, but once you practice on a few pieces of scrap, its not that hard. The link below talks about how to do it. You might have seen it used for chair rail. ... -7,00.html#

Good Luck,
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Post by franklyspeaking »

It appears that the there has been an extra layer of sheetrock or plaster added to the wall, before the base was installed. In other words, the door casing is thicker than it appears, and part of the wall surface is butted up to it, while it appears the base has been added after the wall material was added...thus the mismatch. Usually base is no thicker and usually a bit thinner than the door casing and such a mismatch doesn't happen. There wouldn't be an easy fix, but the one above might work best.

Good luck!

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