Not-so-original kitchen cabinets

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I say repaint and reuse the garage cabinets (and stick those '80s ones in there!)

I know what you mean about the feel of new vs old cabinetry. Older doors, although old-growth plywood, are so much heavier. New stuff feels cheap and lightweight and even plastic-y and they cost an ARM AND A LEG.

You'll feel good about returning their cabs to their proper place. And I bet you'll save a ton of $$ too.

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I even squeezed a dishwasher in there.


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I'll try to answer all the questions/remarks in order...

HouseMouse - Thanks for the link. :) You're correct in thinking that I really want to redo the old cabinets. Aside from electronics and some appliances, I'm really not a fan of brand new things for the home. It's much more fun to take the older stuff and make it your own.

moonshadow - The date for the cabinets is a guess and based on photos and descriptions of early 20th century cabinetry. According to "Bungalow Kitchens" the cabinets should have inset doors and all-but-invisible hinges. But after seeing pictures of some 1930s cabinets, I'm now less and less sure of their age. After taking a good look at them yesterday, I'm not even sure that they're plywood. They're certainly not stain-grade, though.

kwill1229 - I love what you've done with your kitchen. We also plan on shellacking the yellow pine kitchen floor, if we can ever find it... I agree that more cabinetry can be a bad thing; in my 1902 apartment, I only had 10 cupboards, and I was much neater then than I am now. I've also toyed with the idea of having freestanding cabinets in the kitchen instead of built-in ones. Not sure how that would work out, since our kitchen is so small...

Kristen - Your kitchen is beautiful :) I really like the cream and green color scheme, but I know my husband would NEVER go for it. For us, the dishwsher isn't the problem, it's the fridge. There's no good place for it without it being in the way of something...

Does anyone know how to determine whether the cabinets are original or not? Our house was supposedly built in 1925, but I've been told it might be older because of our lme and horsehair plaster...
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I'm with Moonshadow - those cabinets look very much like 1930's cabinets that can be found in many houses in my neighborhood. I too think they may be original..or at least older than you think. I vote fro restoring them :-) I love the little "wave" over the sink.

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Re: Not-so-original kitchen cabinets

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