The new look: Should it stay or go?

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Post by James »

I have gone back over the list of messages here in an attempt to be open minded about the changes. I have to agree with Ritchie and Mary Alice and company. I don't like having to register, I don't like the changes. I have checked this site about twice a day and have been contributing ever since the old "a question of character" thread was going so I consider myself a regular old timer here. I think the new system is simply more complicated and therefore BAD. Don't want bells and whistles, just a chance to chat with people you sort of feel you know and get some advice and maybe give some if you're lucky. The old system was simple and even a bit prehistoric apparently(according to some of the supporters of the new system), but that was what was great about it. This change just isn't working for me. Frankly it's starting to look more like the computer system at work, and that's the most damning thing imaginable in my book. Please, forget this happened and go back to the way it was.

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Re: The new look: Should it stay or go?

Post by angolito »

i am the least computer savvy person you will ever meet. i think it speaks volumes to the user friendliness of the new site that i can get around in it.

searches are way :P better. it seems faster.

i was so damn grateful to have the boards back up. i guess i am just a pie eyed optimist, but sometimes change is just change.

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Re: The new look: Should it stay or go?

Post by Abuela »

I sat here fairly stunned at reading what I thought were responses to the latest site redesign, until I realized that the comments (except for Angolito's) are all from a redesigns done four years ago, long before my time!!


I thought this was a mass protest against the new look and new features, which I think are great, especially considering the death of SPAM! I have no idea what happened in 2004, but it appears that we didn't lose most of the folks who weren't happy with it, so that's a good thing!

So let me use this time to say GOOD JOB to all who had a part in getting this latest 2008 redesign in place.
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Re: The new look: Should it stay or go?

Post by KathyJB »

I like it with the exception of the LARGE TEXT thing. When I first log on to this site, everything is normal size, then BAM it gets large. I also do not get notifications about answers to threads I am posting in. I check the little thing at the bottom to no avail. That really needs to be fixed.

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Re: The new look: Should it stay or go?

Post by catya »

YES - the flipping from small to large font is SOOOOO annoying when youre going in and out of messages - gives me a freakin headache! Please fix it!!!!!

The odd thing is, it wasn't doing that at first, its a fairly recent development as of this week I think ... so it should be possible to isolate the problem and fix????

I remember that big uproar over the changes in the forum - was it really 4 years ago already? I think maybe some did quit over it!

How many OHW members does it take to screw in a light bulb? None!!! We liked the old one and we don't want to change!