The new look: Should it stay or go?

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Andy in NH
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Keep it - but provide some instruction

Post by Andy in NH »


Try TractoryByNet.Comto see a board that uses a variation on this style that I find easier and more convenient to use. As well, I think that providing some better instruction then the FAQ (which BTW I would strongly recommend be made to open in a second window).

I think that folks will come back, with a little enticement. As I recall, there were a few shifts in the OHJ days that caused great dismay and ended up with many of us coming to your site. It's a while back so I may be a bit confused...

I, for one, would like to know if it is possible to post a reply to a specific reply - as opposed to the thread in general.

Let's see how the image tag works...

Yep! that's me behind the post. :D


new look...

Post by Guest »

I've been on a few times now. Initially I did not like the look and found it uninteresting (to spend time trying to figure the site out) but I thought I'd give it a few times to see if I found my way around the site.

I like the old site look much more. I found it easier to navigate around. I liked the view of all topics under the original post-ers post. I have little time or patience to learn my way around the site. I often used the site to "relax" with (rather than watching TV or even reading a book). Now, I'm not so inclined to do that.

Thanks for the opportunity to add my opinion.


Opinion on the new look

Post by Guest »

I also used to just sit and read and reread things. Now I don't. I never had problems finding anything and before I sent something I previewed before I posted. I certainly don't care if I can post smilies or not and I don't want to have to remember another password! I like the old board.


preferred the old look

Post by sharonk »

It takes me longer to navigate the topics, and so I don't visit as often. The boxy look takes up so more space on the screen and it is not as easy to "drop in" and see who has questions or has posted answers. I often choose a topic even if it isn't one of my pressing issues because I am interested in what some of the regular posters have to say...
This format feels more formal... I would vote for the old format...or a compromise that looks more "freeform" like the old one.

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Post by Tom »

Well, actually, I kind of like the new format. Its cleaner and simpler. But, I agree it was easier to scroll down through a thread and see where, if at all, I wanted to jump in . I guess I'm okay with the new format and learning to appreciate it.

Jack Willard
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VERY difficult to read!

Post by Jack Willard »

Having developed three websites myself, my comments are as follows:

1. Gray in any shade is a terrible background color.
2. Text needs to be LARGE enough to read and a high contrasting color so it will stand out from the background. With the browser text size set at "largest", the text size is still VERY small. Pale blue text on a gray background is REALLY bad.
3. Why anyone would ever want to see website page coding I cannot imagine!
4. Tools to jazz up the text however can be nice for those that might like to be a little creative in their expressions. Use them if you like them. Don't use them if you don't. But, I surely DO NOT want to see the formatting code! Show me the results only, so I can SEE what my message will look like when it's posted.
5. The number of posts since my last visit in red, and where they have been posted in what thread is definitely missed.
6. Overall, the new look is NOT particularly liked.
Jack Willard
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Opinion on the new look

Post by Evelyn »

I'm sure glad it's not just me that doesn't like the new format. The old format suited my needs much more than this one does. I used to check in twice a day and now I sometimes don't even bother at all.

kristen russell
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Post by kristen russell »

Either format is fine for me. We switch software all the time at work, and at first we all kick and scream b/c we're used to the old way. But everyone always gets used to the new tools.
It seems people generally aren't happy w/ the new look...
If you change it back, can you atleast keep the ability to create profiles? I enjoy reading where everyone is from and what their interests are. And the auto logon prevents me from forgetting to sign in. :D


Lisa (ND)
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Not sure yet

Post by Lisa (ND) »

This is only the second time i have visited since the new format. Have to admit it was so much easier to click on the site in my favorites and instantly see if any new posts had been made since my last visit. I miss that :cry: , which is why I haven't visited as much, seems like to much to figure out if i want to read any of the new posts.
But, I know how new things are....most probably we'll all love it eventually.

Just tried the emoticons....would rather it show up in my reply so i can see it before posting.


it can't be that bad ...

Post by Heather »

Hmm, I'm surprised by the number of negative comments on the new format. Perhaps it's true that old house people are the exact opposite of early adopters :)

I think the new format takes a bit of getting used to, but there are a lot of things to like. I imagine we were all so used to the flaws of the old way that we've forgotten them, but ...

* Sometimes topics seemed to "move" before. Suddenly something would disappear, and then reappear later (maybe). That wasn't very good.
* The ability to search is huge--we shouldn't forget about that.
* There may be more clicking this way, but there's much less scrolling.
* Profiles are cool.
* I like how everything is more compact. (The post with the larger font size just about put my eyes out. It may be a good idea for people with special reading needs to adjust their browser settings.)

It is true that I find myself reading less. Now all I have to go on is the topic and the last poster's ID. Before, you could see which were the "hot" topics. Usually those with lots of posts had gone off on some kind of (often interesting) tangent, often unrelated to the topic name. Maybe there's a better way to show who's posting, and what's hot. And maybe we could also get better at updating thread names when they change.

Overall I think the solution probably lies in tweaking, rather than ditching, the new software.

Thanks for all your hard work!