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old way

Post by nappy »

Liked the old way better.

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Opinions Needed!

Post by diydi »

I like being able to scroll up each thread to remind myself of what it being referred to... much quicker than opening a new page for each post.

It would be nice, if possible, to have "To Next Page" or the like close to the end of the last post on a page, perhaps beside "Back to Top". There's a lot of space and 3 other lines of info before you have "Page 2 of 3" for example, and sometimes I don't think of scrolling on down.

The balloons are helpful, hadn't noticed them until yesterday.
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Post by richie »

If you can lose this format, I'd do so before you lose more users. I don't think usage dropped like a rock last year, reality is: this site's dying.

This board got users from oldhousejournal when they had board problems years ago (they upgraded, but had different issues). OHJ was once a hopping little board, now it's nearly-dead.

This site was "10" times busier than OHJ, now they're tied... and OHJ didn't get better, know what I mean?

What I've learned from this, and other old house sites:
1) Don't change the site unless it's really needed.
2) Don't look for people to return, once they've drifted elsewhere.
3) A panel of emoticons is ridiculous.

Sorry, but I gotta drift...



Post by cmavodones »

I also liked the old format a lot better. As a result, I haven't been visiting the site nearly as much since you changed your display. Previously,it was easier to scroll down through the posts and see what was new as inidicated by the red italics. Now, I have to read through each individual post to see where I left off last in that particular topic. I also am not a big fan of emoticons. If you want to put them in ,fine. However, to have them flashing when you are writing a post or appear in other areas of the site, seem to be too disruptive for an old house site. In addition, everyone knows that with an old house, you are either happy,mad and/or frustrated. By extension,therefore, I think emoticons are really unnecessary. So, in conclusion, I cast my vote for the return of the old format or something somewhat similar.

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Post by Joel »

For those complaining they can't find new posts easily, or don't see the point of some of the graphics, you have to register to use the site properly - it takes two minutes. I can check these boards out much quicker than before and be on my way.

If seems to have cut down the chattiness, which some may say is a good thing. To those who want to chat, go for it. It's free!

There are a couple of boards I've given up on for various reasons. This one still seems strong and worthy of support.

Sacto Diane

Needs a threaded view

Post by Sacto Diane »

Personally it's hard to navigate the "sub conversations" in a topic without a threaded view. (e.g. like ... =interiors). Often a post is a reply to a specific post and IMHO, it makes it hard to follow the conversation without the threaded view.

I "do" like the abilty to read the posts "em mass" on a page without having to click each URL to read the posts.



Post by CM »

I don't like the idea that one has to register to use all the site's tools. I,for one, am tired of having to come up with usernames/passwords and having to login to participate fully on websites. I liked the ease and the freedom the previous system provided. You just clicked on post a reply and were ready to go.
P.S. Ken-you have a one great diner in Gardiner!

Don M
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Stay or Go?

Post by Don M »

Now that I have been using the new format for awhile, I am beginning to get use to it. I have checked "the stay logged in on this computer" so I don't have to remember to do so each time I visit. I also like the notification when a new post has been added to a thread I have posted to previously. It shows up in my email and I can simply click on the url if I want to read the new post and it takes me right there! Don

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Post by Cat »

I agree with Don and Joel -- the board is easy to navigate and use when you're logged in and registered. I registered within the first few days of the change, even though I haven't been posting much because we've just been so incredibly busy ( :evil: still trying to FIND another new old house :roll: ). But I can check in just as easily as before, see what's new and what's not, and follow the posts with no problems.

I liked the old format well enough, but several features (or lack of) were a real PITA. The new format is just fine for me and a bit better even because it's much more similar to some of the other boards I visit. I also think it would be more attractive to new comers who might be interested in joining since it's easier to navigate and more familiar. And, if it's better and more stable for OHW, then that's certainly enough reason for me not to complain about a *free* forum/playground. :wink:

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Post by Jeanne »

I'm getting the hang of it, but some features are a bit too subtle as Ken mentioned. I like how the boxiness was toned down in the list of boards. But I still miss being able to look at a thread and seeing the connections visually in a hierarchy.

Oh, and I really like the ability to post images, and look forward to seeing many photos.