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Re: Driveways

Post by shazapple »

The problem with those concrete grids or stones is that you can't plow snow off of them, you would have to use a snowblower.

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Re: Driveways

Post by Igloochic »

If this thread has taught me anything it's that I don't want to live next to shaz :lol: Lol
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Re: Driveways

Post by Bklynoise »

I was going to post the SAME photo as Kristin S... First thing that came to my mind, It's been in my favorites folder for driveway/garage inspiration for a long time.
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Re: Driveways

Post by KristenS »

That's very cool, Bklynoise!

If I ever get around to doing it in my yard, I'll invite you over to drool at it with me. Though, truthfully, our driveway is about 101 on a list of 100 priorities.'s SO gorgeous! Maybe it's worth bumping it up just for the beauty factor.
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Re: Driveways

Post by Accolay »

My opinion is that I would try to keep the tree, I hate asphalt, and I dislike gravel. But if I had to pick, gravel over asphalt would win. Have you considered a tar and chip/oil and stone driveway? ... y-62008327

I would have a really hard time paying $10,000 for more asphalt. Life is too expensive now, or later for that. Otherwise: ... ts/1275716

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Re: Driveways

Post by Tujo »

I would try shopping around for a better price - my parents in KW had their two car wide by two car deep driveway replaced for about 3k, and that included ripping out the old ashphalt and installing new ashphalt. For 10k I would be expecting concrete.

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Re: Driveways

Post by ceviga »

@RioG If your driveway is in rough shape, there are a few cost-effective solutions you can try before resorting to a full replacement. Here are some tips:

Remove tree roots: If the tree roots are causing the driveway to buckle, you'll need to remove them. You can do this yourself by cutting the roots with a saw or hiring a professional tree removal service.

Fill in ruts and holes: To fix the deep ruts and holes, you can fill them in with asphalt patch or gravel. Clean the area thoroughly before applying the patch or gravel.

Resurface the driveway: If the damage is more extensive, you may want to consider resurfacing the driveway. You can hire a professional company to do this, or you can try doing it yourself with a resurfacing kit.

Regular maintenance: To keep your driveway in good condition, make sure to perform regular maintenance such as filling in small cracks, cleaning and sealing the surface, and keeping heavy vehicles off the driveway.

Remember, fixing a driveway is a temporary solution and may not be as durable as a full replacement. If the damage is extensive, it may be more cost-effective to replace the driveway altogether.

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