What is "Quarter Sawn"

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Here's a description, including an illustration:
http://www.stuarts.net/Stuwritup/quarte ... ersawn.htm

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Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: What is "Quarter Sawn"

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Wow, I also didn't think that I'll get to know so interesting info! Thanks, Luetic for the explanation! :!:

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Re: What is "Quarter Sawn"

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afro introductions

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Asian goes

usually, Two a lot more what festival is to have a meal to see a movie, The feeling has no any new idea, Time for long periods girlfriend also can feel boring, So in next February 14 valentine day, How may well spend? Do you want to surprise your better half with something you don usually get a chance to do? Here are seven different ways to open your valentine day and learn how to impress your date.

1. young families photo: The couples can also get to take but mostly pictures, is it possible to have some different valentine day, Then you can ask a photographer to expert couple photo tour, As to the theme can be antique, exceptional, to be able to, Is valentine day in the proposal is not the same as the formal leave memories!

2. Two people go: This valentine day is beneficial because is on Friday, Then you can take a day off in the rear of the weekend, And you'll see three day small long vacation can be a wonderful nearby excursion, not only can be sweet, Is totally different from memories of, And I heard fun to travel is also tested the other oh, Borrow this opportunity you can also see each other whether suitable to enjoy this life with you.

3. Send significant other cosmetics: No woman will not tolerate beauty, Usually is to send a lip stick, valentine day you can send her a set of her usual favorite brand of cosmetics, Or usually like but unlikely to buy, Let her day to day can dress up beautiful, She is happy, You are pleased.

4. coin purses: The legendary to cure all diseases is not debilitating, Women are born to like bags, Like food shopping, In valentine day this day can send her a bag she likes for a long time, definitely not the price, But the style must be trendy.

5. Go to the amusement park: Women live to be spoiled as children, In valentine day can go to the theme park with the love of her, Riding the slide carousel, fender cars, along less exciting projects, Her during a vacation to spoil, To meet the lover princess dream, be sure you leave her beautiful photos oh.

6. Send bouquets: There is to make essential flowers, When sending flowers to can see the language of flowers, and various Numbers have different meanings, Women are very sensitive to this aspect if the boy is clever enough to also can make a flower arrangement.

addititionally there is one last dating method, also is the most romantic one, which would be to ride the happiness Ferris wheel with two people on the evening of valentine day, Which is also an amazing dating scene.

7. The Ferris car, Believes regarding girls love watching Korean dramas, asiame.com So sure not make up romantic happiness the Ferris wheel, Let a Ferris wheel charming trip, According to legend the Ferris wheel in each grid is stuffed with happiness, As long as the kiss lover together in the Ferris rotation to the top point, it'll be forever happy, The dream of valentines day night, Loving couple browsing the wheel overlooking the distant place, Kiss each other wheel endorsement: Magic color Ferris tyre, And Chinese girlfriend to tell your grandkids to pack a small room, see the romantic time of two people, and don't forget to wish, Ferris wheel is very remarkable things, there are many beautiful legends, Believe your ex-girlfriend will like!

would you like to prepare a gift for a Chinese girlfriend on the first date? Under normal issues, If you are not familiar with what each other likes and suits, you will possibly not need to prepare gifts. anyway, There may be many times one day when you need to prepare gifts, as an example, The formal confession will be on valentine day and so on. If you must choose a gift for him / her, Then for someone first date gift, select a gift with a local touch. This will also make your family feel appreciated and will not make them feel inadequate.

For time period date, the spot is important, And a cozy cafe is a great place to sit down and talk to each other getting to know each other better. Then there the movie theatre. Although dating to see a movie is a bit traditional, An interesting movie will open up more common topics and allow you to reassure each other more naturally. If you've got some emotional basis, Then the workshop should be a good place to do pottery together, Together to make a special pottery works, So there is some romantic setting.

In the early stage of every thing has become development, The date must choose a good place, As for the first date to send gifts it depends on how much you know about the other party, the option for gifts can be a lot, With profound meaning can be sent after many dates, Confession can also gain knowledge from the ancients, Love to specific physical evidence, Love in rings.

an adult and steady, Can be called is the of love, Must specifically experience these 4 cycles, Each cycle having the transformation time, because individuals are different. equally, in several cycles, The love skills adopted vary.

as for the time we survive these four cycles, We can truly be in conjunction forever.

First ride the bike: Co profile (sugary phase).

This one step, frankly, People often say love each other is full of temptation, Basically every moment want to keep with another party, some other party words and deeds, Every move in their own individual eyes is all happiness, Really came to the quality of obsession.

This period, any type of passion to stick together every day has long gone, And the relationship has leveled off. One partner will be the first one to step into the anti dependency cycle, Wanting more time for themselves to do what they really want to do, And one more will feel left out.

In this cycle of the pair, They must be rational to solve every thing has become between the two people, Do not due to moment of emotional impulse and make some incorrect decisions, Casually broke their resulting feelings.

The third treadmill: independence (trouble burst period).

This phase, Which is a the continuation of the second stage, Is a particularly significant stage to hone the relationship, Which must be given serious attention by both parties.

The one who wants to be independent will feel that they need a lot of independent time, While the one who feels left out will feel that the couple does not treat they are well.

this occassion, You can feel that your beautiful Asian girl has become a very close and important person in your daily life, even no words, Just assess her, in addition you can understand the meaning of her eyes.

We will help some other and create our own life path. we won't easily be bound by each other, But we can become each other. It is only necessary to pay attention you should sometimes allocate some theme activities to recall the feeling of the love stage at that time and consolidate the feelings between the two people.

Little have you figured out, In life, nearly all of people did not even pass the second stage and then go their own way, It is definitely a pity.

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