ISO Primary Sources 1910-1920 Kitchen & Bath

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ISO Primary Sources 1910-1920 Kitchen & Bath

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I am looking for primary sources (catalogs, magazines, advertisements, photos, etc.) of kitchens from 1910-1920. I have found a limited amount using the Library of Congress and other databases, but very limited. I am also finding much more upper class (mansions) and lower class (workforce housing and tenements) and not much middle class.

Are you aware of any digitized Sears catalogs, cabinet, linoleum rug, appliance advertisements? Anything I can get my hands on to get more inspiration? I've had some luck on Flickr. I really am not a fan of Pinterest because there is very little by way of verifying the decade.

I'm very open to books without pictures that talk about kitchen design for this period as well. I'm trying to determine how much tile was used on walls and floors of kitchens pre-1920.

Any tips for search strings to find more information is also very appreciated! Thank you!

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