Weather stripping old windows.

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jade mortimer
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Re: Weather stripping old windows.

Post by jade mortimer » just demonstrated the simplicity of closing up a gap in an old window--thanks!

sarah...ideally, the bronze strip should be nailed about every 4-6 inches for proper operation...however, i have never had a problem with jambs like yours where there may only be a few inches above and below the pocket cover to nail...make sure to nail the tip of the 'v' so it doesn't catch on the sash...i used a sharpie to make dots where the nails should go...i also sent a sample of ws32 and ws 10....

if you haven't seen prior posts, i send two pieces of 'v' stip and two pieces of 'flat' strip....pull your sash rope away from the jamb and push the strip down the side to see which fits best...

good luck...

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Re: Weather stripping old windows.

Post by Tom »

Thank you, Jade. You provide so much info freely and generously.

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Re: Weather stripping old windows.

Post by pflynch »

Hi I have a quick question, Jade, regarding using the V shaped spring bronze when fastened to the window jamb. If I use the 1-1/8" V, does the tip of the shorter leg of the V hit the window sash where the grove for the rope is located? I would imagine this would add unwanted rubbing to the rope and from a weather tightness the V would ideally be pushing against the wood of the sash continuously.

thanks for your insight.

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