Need Opinion on Staircase Repair and Bathroom Remodel advice

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Need Opinion on Staircase Repair and Bathroom Remodel advice

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Last year, my husband and I bought a house built in 1892. We had to upgrade from knob and tube wiring and had to get rid of some asbestos. We did a lot of projects ourselves (wallpaper removal, finishing floors, installing baseboard) but since having a baby, we need to finish up a lot of projects. Unfortunately, contractors will come out, promise to give us an estimate and not get back to us at all- I'm assuming that the job is not quite big enough for them (though it's plenty costly to us!).

The most recent contractor made the following suggestions and I wanted your opinions on whether they sound like a good idea or not...
Our bathroom needs to have tiles removed the walls as well as a large vaity- the walls are imperial plaster and when you remove the tiles and vanity, the plaster will likely crumble. Most contracters suggest completely gutting it and replastering. There is definitely lead paint present on some of the walls. This contractor suggested just removing the tile and covering all the walls with plaster rather than completely gutting it. The tile in the bathroom also needs to be replaced- we had actually done it ourselves but it has since been wrecked. He suggested just putting more tile on top rather than removing the tile completely.

We have old stairs that were painted and carpeted. Some contractors have suggested rebuilding the entire staircase. Our plan was to remove the treads, paint the risers and hammer in new treads. This contractor suggested sawing off the existing treads so they are even with the rise and then putting a new tread on top without removing the existing tread.

Any thoughts on whether these would work or not?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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