How can I find competent repair/contractors?

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How can I find competent repair/contractors?

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Hi everyone, I would like to know how to find repair people and contractors who have respect for the beauty of old houses. I need to have some work done, but all of them seem to want to replace with "the latest" or the "cheapest" or what's available "right at Home Depot". They suggest plastic doors or vinyl "wood plank" floors when I have real, original wood doors and floors. They suggest ripping out an antique entry door, (because it's "obsolete") and just a few days ago, ripping out an original 1850s window because a new one would be up to efficiency standards. If I upgrade my kitchen I'm told the window has to go.....I could go on, but you get my point.
My house isn't completely historic, or even historically accurate (previous owner put in vinyl windows) but I'd like improvements and repairs to be at least in keeping with the character of the house. I can't seem to find someone who "gets it".
It feels like I'm only being offered what is cheaper, or easiest for them, or "the latest" when that's not important to me. For example 2 flooring companies have ONLY offered "luxury vinyl" for the kitchen-I found later cork is an option, and of course going down to the original wood is also an option-but neither was suggested. It feels like I'm being railroaded.
How do you go about finding contractors/repair ppl who have some kind of respect for old homes?

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