Removing paint from plaster

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Removing paint from plaster

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I saw an old thread from 2000 on this topic, but didn't find anything more recent (that thread was kind of left as a...good luck - let us know what you learn).

I live in a bungalow from 1930 in the midwest and I've noticed multiple places around my living and dining rooms where the paint is cracking in certain areas. Some small, some much larger. I know this means I can't paint right on top of this paint and expect to get good adhesion. I dealt with this in my kitchen by scraping until it seemed to not chip anymore. But the kitchen has smooth walls. The living and dining rooms are textured. I'm not talking sand in the paint textured, I mean pretty designs in the plaster, almost veiny like big leaves. So this takes out the paint scraper idea. Is there a chemical or gel stripper I can use to take off the paint and just get back to the bare plaster?

I understand this would be a huge undertaking, but I've seen enough spiderweb cracking on these walls that I know I'm going to want to fix it at some point. So is a fresh start possible? Because even if I could chip out the cracking areas, I have no idea how I would patch/smooth along the line where the paint is adhere since it is far from a smooth wall.

Related, but unrelated: I also have a plaster mold of fruit and things around the entire ceiling - would it be dangerous to try to remove paint from that as well?

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