Abutilon - Flowering Maple

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Abutilon - Flowering Maple

Flowering maple can become a large plant. It requires a sunny growing area and a porous, well drained, evenly moist soil. During the winter the plant may be kept somewhat drier. The plant drops its lower leaves if not properly fed. An equal analysis fertilizer may be used at rates and times recommended on the label. Temperatures suggested for best growth are 65 degrees to 70 degrees at night and 70 degrees to 75 degrees during the day. Average house humidity should be adequate. Pinching may be necessary to induce business. Flowering maple may be repotted in the spring as new growth begins. The plant likes good air circulation. The flowering response is not sensitive to daylength.

Propagation is by seeds, or by cuttings taken at any time of the year. Use bottom heat when rooting cuttings of flowering maple.

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