Acer negundo--Boxelder, Ash Leaved Maple

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Acer negundo--Boxelder, Ash Leaved Maple

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The boxelder is an undesirable tree and in some cities may be illegal. It reaches a height of 50 feet and spreads 40 to 50 feet. Use the tree temporarily for its fast growth until replaced by slower growing, but longer lasting trees. The undesirable characteristics are brittle, weak wood and susceptibility to boxelder bug. The insects do no real harm but are considered nuisances overwintering in homes. Female boxelders are preferred by the insects. On adverse sites, boxelder will grow when more desirable trees will not. The tree is infrequently listed in catalogs as ash leaved maple. Although a maple it is certainly the least desirable one.

The cultivars of boxelder are more ornamental but still share the tree's bad characteristics: 'Aureo-variegatum'-- leaves bordered in gold; 'variegatum'--leaves bordered in white; 'auratum'--leaves gold; 'elegantissima'--yellow leaf variegations.

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