Acer palmatum--Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum--Japanese Maple

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Japanese maple is grown for its colored leaves, interesting growth habit and fine leaf texture. This large shrub or small tree tends to leaf out early, so it may be injured by spring frosts. Variegated types are a bit more difficult to grow and are subject to sunburn. Protect them from drying winds and direct sun. Provide exposure to sun or partial shade and well drained, acid soil with plenty of organic matter. Japanese maple has a height and spread of 20 feet, but this varies with the cultivar. It grows slowly and is not very tolerant of pruning or transplanting.

There are many cultivars of Japanese maple with a wide variety of leaf shapes, growth habits and leaf coloration. Only a few reported to be hardy are listed: 'atropurpureum'--reddish leaves with five lobes; 'Burgundy' Lace'--reddish foliage and cut leaves; 'elegans'--leaves with rose-colored margins when they first unfold, 'ornatum'--foliage is cut and reddish.

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Acer palmatum - 34K Acer palmatum - 76K
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Acer palmatum - 64K Acer palmatum Yezonishiki - 36K
Acer palmatum ornatum - 51K Acer palmatum scolopendrifolium - 51K
Acer palmatum scolopendrifolium - 38K
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