Acer pseudoplatanus--Sycamore Maple

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Acer pseudoplatanus--Sycamore Maple

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Sycamore maple grows 60 to 100 feet tall and spreads to 80 feet. The tree tolerates most soils unless saturated and can stand exposure to wind. The growth rate is rapid and the tree transplants well. The cultivars are usually smaller.

There are a few ornamental cultivars of sycamore maple: 'Erythrocarpum'--smaller leaves and red samaras; 'erectum'- -young trees upright; Gold Fleck--leaves spotted with gold; 'purpureum'--leaves purple on undersides; 'worleei'--leaves yellow with red petioles.

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Acer pseudoplatanus Gold Fleck - 70K Acer pseudoplatanus Gold Fleck - 49K
Acer pseudoplatanus erectum - 60K
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