Acer rubrum--Red Maple, Swamp Maple

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Acer rubrum--Red Maple, Swamp Maple

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Red maple is a fast grower, reaching a height of 75 feet or more. This tree is preferred over silver maple or boxelder when a fast growing maple is needed. The tree is useful in wet places and has no particular soil preference. The outstanding ornamental characteristic of red maple is red fall color. Red maple is often the first tree to color up in autumn. The red flowers are numerous but small, and on individual trees can be quite ornamental. Red maple is easily transplanted and may develop surface roots. This tree is often confused with colored leaved cultivars of norway maple.

A number of cultivars are listed. In recent years graft incompatibilities have shown up between some cultivars of red maple and their rootstock. The trees develop early fall color and quite often break off at the union between scion and rootstock. The cultivars are: Armstrong--upright growth habit; Autumn Flame--above average fall color; Bowhall--upright growth habit; Gerling--densely branched, broadly pyramidal, about 35 feet tall when mature; October Glory--above average fall color, retains leaves late; Red Sunset--above average fall color; Scanlon--upright growth habit; Schlesinger--good fall color, rapid growth rate; Tilford--globe shaped crown.

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